It's YOUR kin is designed to be a place where you can store all of your family photos and ancestery information in one place. You can view your family tree and connect photos up to people, places and times. You get to organize all your family photos and can organize them in many different ways to quickly find that elusive photo you are looking for.

You can also create accounts for other people to upload thier photos and enter thier information too. Your whole family can share thier photos and help you identify that elusive person in those photos you just can't identify. You can also set up albums that you can share. Create an album of that last birthday you were at and post the URL to all your social media sites and show it to everyone you know, and they can even leave comments for you or others to read and tell all those fun stories about that photo.

And besides all of that you have the advantage of having all your photos in a digital format that won't fade with time, and are backed up away from the dangers that can harm those physical photographs you have laying around. So get those photos scanned, set up an account and upload them here and feel safe that your treasured photos are now safe and secure and start building your family history.

If you have any questions or comments about this system please feel free to contact me at


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In order to make itsYOURkin a user friendly interactive experience JavaScript is required to use this program at this time. There are plans to build a stripped down non JavaScript version in the future, but there is no projected date for this project. While the main program requires JavaScript, shared albums do not require it.