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All data, including images, that you store on itsYOURkin, LLC. are considered private and your property for your use only. It will never be used for any purpose other than at your direction. When you, the user, delete items from our site, they are removed from our servers and in a reasonable amount of time removed from all of our backups. You may at any time delete any item from our site, or remove your entire account, which will permanently remove it from all of our services, and backups.

While using the site, a session cookie will be stored to remember your login. This is so that you do not need to login for each page you visit, but it can remember who you are. This cookie will delete itself when you close the web browser, or automatically after a period of time, generally within one hour. Except for the session cookie, no other cookies are used. All web logs have been disabled so that any personal browsing information or history is not stored anywhere. No tracking information is used or collected from this site.

No emails will ever be sent from our site except for emails explicitly sent by a user, explicitly requested for signing up, for support, or for itsYOURkin, LLC. account business with existing customers. All emails sent will notify the user of who sent them, and if they are a subscribed list, have a method of unsubscribing from them.

While all prudent security measures are in place, we understand a site can never be 100% secure, we constantly monitor our site for any possible breaches. In the event there is ever a data breach, our policy is to immediately notify all customers upon discovery with as much information that is known at the time, along with potential personal information that may have been stolen. Customers will be kept up to date on any breach investigations and actions.

If you ever have any questions regarding your data or our privacy policies, please email us at or contact us from the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.


All accounts are subject to review and cancellation if any of our use policies, outlined in this document, are violated. Free accounts may be disabled or deleted at our discretion for any reason. Free accounts that are deemed inactive for over four months will also be deleted. If a paid account is found in violation it will be disabled and a notice sent to the owner with a list of actions needed, if any, to return the account to an active status. If a paid account is disabled no refund for any remaining balances will be given. If an account is disabled for lack of payment, it will not be able to be reactivated until all arrears are paid in full. A reactivation fee may apply to restore any disabled account. Any account that remains disabled for over four months will be deleted.


itsYOURkin, LLC. offers a basic package that has no fees and is completely free for the user. This basic level does not limit the features available to the user, but rather how much information the user may store. A user at any time may upgrade their account to better meet their needs, such fees are based on different packages that are available to choose from. This system is considered a software service, and in that, all fees are based on a specific time period, usually monthly, but other terms may be available. Once a term has been paid for, no other fees will be applied to that account, excepting if the user decides to upgrade or change their package. A user may select to auto renew or manually renew at the end of the time period. All package fees are subject to change at any time and the new rates will become effective on the users next renewal. At this time, payments are only accepted via a third party processing system. No credit card or financial information, other than amounts, date paid, and transaction codes are stored on our systems.


All content is owned by the account holder such content was added into. It is at the users sole discretion as to how to share this information or whom to share it with. They may or may not decide to make it public and may change, remove or add content at any time they wish. itsYOURkin, LLC. makes no claims on any such content and has no right to use of it without explicit written permission of the user.

All account owners must also be aware that any images or information they share about people that are currently living are subject to the right to be forgotten and if someone other than the account owner is represented in that information or image and they wish to remove it from public viewing, a method for doing so will exist. The account owner will have a right to challenge such requests, but once deemed valid will not have a right to override them and such data and images will be deleted or locked from public viewing depending on the type of removal request.


As a condition of using this site, you promise to not use the services for any unlawful activities. Other prohibited uses include, but are not limited too:

  • Abusing, harassing, threatening, impersonating, or intimidated any other person.
  • To post, or cause to be posted or transmitted, any content that is libelous, defamatory, infringes on other copyright or other rights, or is illegal or depicting illegal activities within your jurisdiction.
  • To create or send any unwanted ‘spam’ to any person or other site.
  • To create multiple accounts for the purpose of circumventing any use limits of free or lower paying accounts.


You may terminate your subscription at any time. When such termination is done you may request to just disable your account and have the content held for four months for future reactivation, or you may request to have all the content completely deleted from all of our servers and backups. Termination may be immediate, or you may be set to apply at the end of any paid term of use. Any immediate termination is not eligible for a refund of unused time in your term.

itsYOURkin, LLC. may cancel, delete, or disable your account for any violation of services as outlined above at any time and will not issue refunds for unused time in this case. We may also cancel, delete, or disable any active account for any reason provided a minimum of 15 days’ notice is provided and any unused fees are refunded to the user. We also reserve the right to refuse renewal of any account at any time for any reason. All accounts are automatically disabled at the end of their term and it is up to the individual account owner to either set up an automated renewal system or pay for a new cycle.

All accounts will have the ability to download all of their stored content at any time, even when an account is disabled. Once an account has been deleted however, this option will no longer be available.


itsYOURkin, LLC. provides no warranties of any type. You expressly acknowledge the the use of this site is at your sole risk. While efforts are made to ensure data integrity and site availability, no such guarantee is made and it is recommended that all users keep personal backups of items stored on this site. All accounts will have a method for being able to download all of the data stored within their account. The owner of an account may use this download to help keep personal backups. itsYOURkin, LLC. Is not liable for any direct or indirect damages a user may incur from any use of this site.